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Below are some of the testimonials from people who have had experiences with Pets In Need:

*You are the only shelter to call me back! Thank you for that.

*Thank you for educating me about the value of an all natural food. It has really helped our previously hyper dog.

*The time you spent with us regarding an adoption was truly valuable. We know you are busy and really appreciated it.

*Your following up with me about trying to find my cat a home was great. I'm so glad you were able to find the perfect home for her.

*We adopted our cat from you 17 years ago, and he's still going strong.

*My friend adopted his dog from you, and he's the coolest dog.

*I adopted a mix that came into your Shelter, abandoned and scared. She is such the perfect dog; I couldn't live without her. She is such a special member of the family.

 *We recently had to say good-bye to our dog of 14 years. Thank you for allowing us this opportunity. She will always be in our heart.

*I contacted Pets In Need about a dog who was left at the hunting grounds. No one wanted him, and they were going to shoot him. You stepped in & saved his life. I'm a so gracious for what you do.

*Our family was looking to rescue a senior dog, and we came across Pete on your website. We immediately fell in love. When we were given the final ok, our son was jumping with joy. Pete is a great addition to our family. Thank you.

*I adopted from you 10 years ago, a beagle. She is old and has arthritis, and I know her time is limited, but she's the love of my life.

 *Our little Taco Bella (chihuahua - in case you were wondering) adopted 10 years ago has recently passed away from heart failure at age 15. She was my little girl. And now she is an angel of God. God bless you for what you do.

*I have meant many times over the years to write a thank you note for bringing Jake into my life. I adopted him in 1997 and he passed a couple of weeks ago. I am sorry it's late, but thank you so much.  I wanted you to know that this kitty had a good life, and was a complete joy to me.

*Hi Pets In Need. We adopted a puppy from you over the summer. We just graduated her first puppy class and will be starting the next level.  She is such a joy.

 *Dallas is a wonderful fit for our family.  She is such a smart puppy, already playing fetch and will sit on command. Thank you so much.

*Otis ss the greatest dog in the world! We started intermediate training courses where he is the star of the class. He spends most of his days running around the house with the other dog until he falls asleep from exhaustion just to wake up later and do it again. :)

*WE LOVE ANNIE. She is a special girl.Come by and see us. I know Annie would love to see you.Thank you for bringing her into our hearts after our little Jack went to Heaven.

*We are pleased to report that Buddy is doing well! He loves to run in the yard and explore all of the many nooks and crannies. Thank you for caring for him. He is such a sweet boy. Thank you.

* We adopted the nicest cat from you.  He was a great fit for our young family.  My youngest was 4 years old when we adopted Bink.Thru the years Bink remains a wonderful pet.  He is now 18 years old and going strong.Just thought you'd like to know what a loving cat we adopted from you. Take care.

*Pat - this dog (Sammi the cattledog) is so smart. She opens the pantry at precisely 5:00 pm for dinner. She sits next to her bowl and waits for me to scoop out the food for the 2 cats and Freckles (the other cattledog I adopted from Pets In Need). I couldn't ask for anything more. I am so grateful to have these babies in my life. Thank you for everything you do. Sue.

*Thank you Pets In Need. We adopted Timothy the cat from your organization. He is the best cat ever! We love him so much.