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Looking for just the right pet, check us out at
There you will find adoptable cats & dogs, just waiting
for you to take them home.
Here are some additional benefits to adopting: 
  • Adopting an animal from a shelter rather than other avenues means you are helping and not contributing to the pet overpopulation problem
  • The cost of adopting a pet at an animal shelter is usually much less expensive than buying one from a breeder or pet store
  • Shelter animals are often used to being around other animals
  • Shelters are focused on the animal's best interests
  • Often animals adopted from shelters have already been spayed or neutered. Most of them have also been wormed and vaccinated. This price is included in the adoption fee.
Already have a pet? Donate and help adoptable pets find forever homes. 
For more information, please call 815-728-1462
or email